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Do you think Forte, Bradshaw, and Lloyd could live up to my bench RB?

To avoid disappointment, I would like all of my starters to score more than their backups. Yesterday, James Starks scored 11 points, and he is on the bench. I am worried that I didn't make the best choice not starting him. I have Matt Forte, Ahmed Bradshaw, and Brandon Lloyd starting instead (Lloyd being RB/WR). Can they make me proud and all individually score over 11?

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    Probably yah...

    even if they don't, it wouldn't have been a bad call not starting Starks. Those three are way safer, and it is better to go with the safe picks. You never would've though Starks was getting 11

    Good Luck

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  • rigg
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    3 years ago

    i'd ought to bypass with Mendelhall. As i elect to work out Bradshaw doing properly too. yet Pointwise, i imagine Mendenhall would tear up the protection. Browns protection dont recognize a component about tacking. even as, the lion had SUH he can make an effect on the operating pastime to bradshaw and that i dont see bradshaw operating the ball properly yet, even as mendenhall has shown he ought to run the ball properly. start up Mendenhall or Bradshaw yet in this matchup i'd bypass with Mendenhall.

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  • Nick
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    9 years ago

    yes they can

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