Australian names, middle names and surnames?

Hello! I am Spanish and I'm writing a story that takes place in Spain. Two of the main characters are twins (18 y/o) and a they are going to be from a foreign country. Following the storyline, I decided that they might be from Australia. My question is about the names that you accustom to use. I mean... I know in the USA it's very trendy to name your children Blue Bell, Nevaeh and all kind of stuff but what's about Australian teens?

I was thinking of naming them Penny/Jodi and Rick/Sam. What say you?

I haven't decided yet the surname, but I provisionally called them the Stewart twins (by Jon Stewart, not kristen Stewart)

The last questions.... do you use middle names? What are the most common?

I guess all that sounds funny for you, but I would really apreaciate your reponses.

Thanks in advance :)

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    well, my names Paige(lol) and my middle name is 'Adèle', but i was born in france ^-^

    Alot of my friends don't have middle names, but my friend Ramona's middle name is Victoria. I have never met a Penny in all my years of living in Mosman, and i've only ever met one Jodi. Rick isnt a popular name here, Sam is.

    Popular names I can think of
















    'Sheila' is not that a popular name as many would presume!

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    4 years ago

    Australian Middle Names

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