Why does every Republican solution always have tax cuts and deregulation.?

When has this worked. As a matter of face when has any Republican idea worked. Conservatives actually believe they are America. Most Americans hate you. How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb. Answer. None they repeal the part of the standard that makes it screw in.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tax cuts free up capital which spurs investment. Historically, the lower the top tax rates are, the greater the economic growth. The more government involvement, the more expensive it becomes to do business. This is why Republicans always look to reduce taxes. In case you were not aware the United States has the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

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  • bogart
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    3 years ago

    Why is the Democrat answer constantly greater taxes ? enable talk slowly and use small words so left wingers can learn something................ the two issues that often get an financial gadget going is call for and shopper self assurance. the two considered one of which the government can no longer create. So the final government can do is create a solid organization climate and stumble on a thank you to LEGALLY supply consumers additional funds. Stimulus has constantly been a failure. some $800 Billion down the tubes and we are approximately in a similar place have been have been 3 years in the past.awaken leftie. slicing taxes has worked each situations its been tried in history. It promotes self assurance, it provides human beings money to spend, companies start up incomes greater earnings and pay greater taxes for doing organization, no longer from some Democrat's failed thought of elevating taxes to pay for government inefficiency or wreckless spending. you will locate traditionally that government coffers had additional funds whilst taxes have been decrease. It promotes activity boost, as a result greater human beings to pay taxes from earnings somewhat than sitting on welfare and unemployment strains. The gears turn slowly, so if a President or government kills human beings's self assurance, its problematic to opposite the fad. And Obama has lied to exceedingly plenty each physique for 3 years now. who is going to easily "believe" the little bastard that he will stop being a financial prick ? companies are sitting on record quantities of money all because of the fact they have no self assurance in what Obama will do or substitute next. he's been attacking the interior maximum sector for years. it is Obama's financial gadget. His undesirable regulations created a worse concern than until now.

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  • 8 years ago

    Republicans are for big business and the rich.

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