Why do Americans have such weird dating rituals?

Don't they ever just hang out like normal people?
Update: Bill - classic example. Why, is it 'lesbian' to just hang out instead of fussing around about who picks up whom, and who pays, and reading endlessly into what it means if someone doesn't pick the other person up or doesn't pay?
Update 2: Old's Cool - that sounds fairly normal to me :-) My view is perhaps somewhat warped by the weirdos here.
Update 3: Jessica - no worries :-) Have to say you were unlucky with the bumping into the wall drunk thing. But what's wrong with asking someone out the same day? Actually (funnily enough) one of the few times this has happened to me was a bus tour guide in New York. Perhaps he thought I was incredibly easy? :-)
Update 4: Blue Eyed - alas, he was wrong in that scenario. The beard and the accent kind of put me off, together with the out of the blue proposal.
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