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what's the minimum time you can serve in the US Army?

Also, can girls serve as combat medics?

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    Girls can't serve as combat medics. Boys can't either.

    The minimum time you can serve is two to three years but only in jobs that don't require much training. Uf the Army is going to spend a bundle training you, they have to have payback. Most enlistments are for four years.

  • AD
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    The minimum amount of active duty time you can serve as of today is three years. The Army used to offer two year contracts but I haven't seen one in years. You have an overall eight year obligation to the Army and what you don't do in active duty time will be done in inactive reserve time. As a female you can get the health care specialist MOS, which is 68W. Being a "combat medic" is a title you earn from actual time overseas.

    Source(s): On recruiting duty.
  • Mrsjvb
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    9 years ago

    all contracts are 8 years. at least 4 will be AD. VERY rarely can you get a 3 year AD contract.

    while females can be medics they CANNOT be attached to a combat unit in the field.

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    9 years ago

    I think the minimum time is about 4 years

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    9 years ago

    20 years! We have women in the military NOT girls !

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