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Do I play Hightower, Rice, Brandon Lloyd, Fitzgerald, or Matt Forte in my fantasy team?

Right now my running backs are Darren McFadden (vs Broncos) and Tim Hightower (vs Giants).

I have wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald (vs Panthers) and Vincent Jackson (vs Vikings)

I have know idea what to do with my extra slot right now I have Brandon Lloyd in (vs Raiders). But I also have Matt Forte and Ray Rice (vs Steelers).

I do not like the idea of not having 3 running backs in, and I hate even more to put Rice on the bench, but the Steelers have shut him down before. I was also considering taking out Fitzgerald for one of my benched running backs. But I will take any advice and take anyone off my line up if someone says I am being stupid. Let me know what you think this is my first year in fantasy, and i need to win against my buddy because we love to talk too much smack.


Make sure to tell me who to switch out for these players you are telling me to put in from the bench. I would imagine one of my wide receivers but any one of them it seems could have a great game.

Update 2: of now i have Lloyd in.

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    I have the same dilemma as you do. My RB are M. Forte, T. Hightower, Ray Rice, F. Gore, and B. Wells. I definitely don’t like Forte against ATL defense they ranked 3rd or so in run defense last year, allowing around 80-90 running yards a game. I know that was last year and things change but I just don’t like my chances when I have other options.

    I’m benching both Forte and Rice because of the match up, Rice hasn’t been able to do anything against the Steelers defense, so I’m going with the statistics on this one. I would definitely start Hightower, McFadden, Fitzgerald, and V. Jackson, and I even like Brandon Lloyd over M. Forte. However if you have to start 3 running backs go with R. Rice, he’s the safer of the two.

    Also not sure who your defense is but the Browns play the Bengals, the Bengals stink, and Andy Dalton is a rookie and will throw a couple of picks and take a couple of sacks. So this might get you some points for the week. Sorry Bengal fans, I’m not talking smack.

    This is also my first time playing but I have been doing my research and I’m hoping the data I’ve been getting is accurate. I hate losing and my friends talk so much crap that I refuse to lose to them. Below is a comparison of R. Rice, M. Forte and Tim Hightower, I went to 5 different websites and averaged there weekly projections. If you need a RB and you have a extra spot, pick up James Starks -GB on Mon or Tue if he's available, he had a great playoff run last year and decent game against NO, and is going to take Ryan Grants job. Hope this helps.

    Week 1 Projections

    ------------------NFL What if Freaks ESPN CBS AVERAGE

    Ray Rice RB ----22.20 11.80 10.50 16.00 9.40 13.98

    Matt Forte ---------8.40 12.50 12.70 17.00 12.00 12.52

    Hightower ------- 26.10 9.40 9.20 15.00 9.20 13.78

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    Easy! Yes Ray Rice has been shut down by them but in the off season they stacked their O line up so give Ray Rice a chance on this one!

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    Go with Larry Fitzgerald.

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