Christians, Do you believe in a "limited" atonement?

Update: If Jesus paid for all sin on the cross, why is Hitler in hell? If his sin is paid for he would be declared not guilty. So He is innocent but in hell, how does that work?
Update 2: Limited, not meaning insufficient. Limited to certain individuals. "Election".
Update 3: @Rockaday...If he reconciled all things to him, there would be no need for hell or judgment.
Update 4: @No1home2.....Sir you should be very careful of who you are accusing of trying make excuses because we want to live in our sin. You dont know me.
Update 5: I asked a simple question, you jump to accusations. You sir, should repent.
Update 6: So you are saying salvation depends on repentance, not the blood of Christ? Really?
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