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Shower over bath, or seperate bath and shower?

I'm having a bit of a dillema. I have recently extended my bathroom which means I can either now have a more spectacular 3 piece suite (with shower overhead) with extra floor space, or a nice bath (minus shower overhead) and a seperate shower enclosure. Which would add the most value onto my property as I will be selling in the next 2 years?

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    This can be a difficult question. You should have a least one tub in your house after that most homes now use showers much more than baths. Several of our friends only have a large shower in their master suite. We have a tub and an separate shower but our bath room is very large (16' by 12')

    I would suggest you take with several real estate agents. They usually know what is currently most popular.

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    Most people prefer a separate shower and bath, but it depends on the property. If having them separate would make the room feel cramped, then it's not a great idea.

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    I'd prefer (actually did...) a seperate shower. Always difficult to stand up right in a bathtub - no space for the feet, and you have to climb over the edge. Seperate shower with floor-level entry is what we did.

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    Separate shower equals romantic time with partner :-)

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    Bath is so exciting!!

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    8 years ago

    i would go for separate

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