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Please give me some ideas!!!!!!!!?

Well, in my creative writing class, we have to write an 8 page story. Not too long or anything. I just need help to figuring out where I can go with this. I'm 13 and in eighth grade by the way. This is what I have so far.

The car pulled up to the drive way. They had finally arrived. Eli stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind him. He really didn't want to move, but his parents thought they needed a new start. The U-Haul truck pulled up behind their car. Eli pushed his dark hair out of his eyes as he grabbed a box from the U-haul. He then headed up the steps to the front door of his new house. The ground shook as Eli dropped the box. He saw a note on the door but didn't even bother reading it. He ripped it down and shoved the note in his pocket. Eli opened the door and stepped into his new house. The dark wood floors creaked when he walked. The house must have been 100 years old. Eli started up the stairs of the strange house as his mother and father walked in. Eli just continued up the stairs and didn't even acknowledge they were there. He had never been the same since the accident. His younger sister, Clare was killed in a car wreck only five months before. Clare was only fifteen when it happened. Eli wasn't looking forward to starting school in a week. Anything someone said or did reminded him of his sister. Eli opened the door of his new bedroom. The door screeched as it opened. The room was empty, of course. The window had been left open. It filled the room with warm summer air, making the room hot and uncomfortable. The window looked over their huge backyard. Eli wasn't used to this. He had never moved before, never been to a new school, never lived anywhere except for the small the small apartment in Florida he used to call home. He especially wasn't used to being an only child.

Where can I go from here? How can I end it? I don't need help with writing it, i just need ideas on where to go with this. I want it to be kind of a fantasy story or realistic fiction. If i make it a fantasy, I need help with ideas on how he finds out about the 'magical creatures' or whatever.

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    I'm thinking the note means something. He didn't read it or show it to anyone, but he put it in his pocket. The note could further the story by telling him something (warning?) or be used to resolve and explain the story when he finally empties his pockets.

    What if the note was in his sister's handwriting? What if it was to let him know she was still with him? He thinks her ghost has followed him. Would he like that or be scared of her? Would he want her to still be around or wish for her sake that she was gone?

    What if her car accident wasn't an accident? Did someone intend to harm her, if so, why? Maybe she had some latent power (not too much like Heroes, though) or maybe some alien zapped her from the car right before the accident and put a false body in the car? Maybe she's being held captive by some alien or by a secret government group? Or maybe she's just his angel?

    What if there had been a time travel portal in the shed or the basement or somewhere in the house that he discovers? What if his parents had known this and his father was working on something to rescue his sister, but then they find out that fate isn't as easy to beat as it seems? Maybe his father works from some secret group that discovered the house, which is why he bought it and made them move?

    Or forgetting the note and the sister, maybe he meets kids at school that are all different than him. Maybe they all seem like monsters and out to get him. What if he goes through the whole week or whatever trying to get someone to believe him, but no one does. What if his parents are always acting like he's not there.... and in the end, we find out that he's the monster or that he died in the crash with his sister?

  • So let's see; If it's fantasy, I think it should either relate to what happened to his sister (he sees his sister's ghost, or his sister's death was actually caused by some creature), OR whatever happens to him in the story should at least start to make him feel better/help him get over his grief about his sister -that's probably a better idea anyway.

    So maybe there's some kind of creature in the closet or the attic etc. They just moved in, so there are all kinds of possibilities with a new house. It's only 8 pages, so maybe it's just some weird little creature that he helps out in some way, or a kid his age from another world that he enters... Maybe he even leaves his world behind and enters some magical realm forever -that would be unexpected. Something like that?

    The cool thing about short stories is that there like a slice of life -just a little a window into somebody's world. Short stories don't have to answer all the questions and resolve a big story. But whatever happens to him should affect him emotionally by the end.

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    I thinks a good idea for a story and for title how about The Sages Dungeon.

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