Any free Online tutor ?

I need a free online math tutor please. I NEED IT .! (: tHANKS ND PLEASE

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you are in grades K-8 you might want to check out

    Just a simple search of "free online tutor" or "online math tutor" through google will give you lots of great websites and lots of not-so-great websites, but you can always check reviews.

    If you want to try to understand it for yourself one more time, check out

    They have lots of math walkthroughs and games throughout the website.

    You can also get answres to specific questions through sites like Dr. Math (just search up Dr. Math on google to find it) or

    If you want to consider a tutor that is not online, check your school. There are other good math students who may be willing to tutor you (usually not for free), and at my school students can recieve free tutoring from teachers and qualified parents when they are falling behind (or if you just ask). Many teachers are also available after school and if they don't specifically say so, don't feel ashamed to ask them.

    I wish you the best, though math is my favorite subject, it will get really hard even if you don't understand just one thing and then your class continues on.

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  • 5 years ago

    Hi,If you are searching for math tutor online, You should check out which is a free educational portal where you can easily find tutor as well as student near your desired location.

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