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Hello everyone, I have typed up my resume in Microsoft Word, converted it to a .pdf, then imported it into paint so I could save it as an image and upload it onto I did that because every time I try to copy & paste it into a field like this one, the formatting gets all screwed up. I had to break up the link below because Yahoo Answers does tend to get a tad ... pissy ... sometimes if there are links in the question, but it is all one url without spaces.

Anyway, I would GREATLY appreciate any honest comments about my resume and its quality. I have had a few interviews recently (all seemed promising, but none got me anywhere) and I am still eager to find work. I am a scientist, well educated in chemistry, and hoping to find work at a pharmaceutical research facility or biotech company. In particular, the resume below was used to apply for a "chemist" position at Eli Lilly. I put a "Relevant Skills" section at the top as I noticed in the past some secretaries simply looked at the job description then scanned my resume to see if they could find those skills. Is that a good idea for my resume?

Well... without further yammering on my part, I would greatly appreciate any advice you guys could give as to how I can improve this thing. I want to ensure that my resume will work for me and not get me passed over because of some mistake.




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  • 10 years ago
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    First, drop the “and” from the skills; it isn’t a proper sentence, so “and” is not grammatically correct.

    Second, you have a colon after Skills, but not the rest of the headers, fix that.

    The objective is kind of generic. I would tailor it to each job. I would like to work a Genentech because I would feel it would be a good home for my skillet.

    The line margin with the dates seems a little off. Make sure it is straight so they all line up on their left side.

    Also, I don’t know, but strongly feel like how you listed your published work isn’t right. Usually lists separated by semicolons do not have “and.” Find a site on formatting references in a bibliography and follow that (assuming you know otherwise). I would also leave out the asterisk and comment. People know that if there is more than one author that they both contributed. If you want, I would bold your name and leave the others normal.

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