Aetna Dental Insurance?

Hi yes i just recently got an enrollment form from my job. I'm currently looking at the dental plan but i just don't understand how these insurances work.

For instance, it tells me i have a maximum benefit of 750 dollars per coverage year and deductible per coverage year of 50 dollars.

I understand the waiting period part, which really sucks cause i have to wait 6 months for fillings, oral surgery, crowns, etc. I need work to be done on my teeth cause i believe i have around 4 cavities that need to be fixed.

is it possible to apply for other dental plans with no waiting period?

Thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    You can ask your company if they offer other plan with no waiting period. If you decide to have your cavity fix , you can look for discount dental plans here:

    The maximum benefit of 750 dollars per coverage year means the insurance company will help you pay the dental fee up to $750 per year. You have to see the detail of payment; in general the insurance will pay 100 % for cleaning and exam, 80% for filling and 50% for major treatment (crown, bridge, denture, etc).

    The deductible of $50 dollars means each year, If you have dental treatment (most of the time exam and cleaning are excluded from paying deductible) before the insurance make payment, you will pay the first $50 to the dentist plus 20% for filling if you have a plan that pays 80% for fillings.

  • gaznes
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    4 years ago

    Aetna does not sell a man or woman plan that i be conscious of of. you need to purchase it with the aid of a coupon plan or you need to purchase it with their health insurance. additionally, dental insurance isn't medically underwritten, so are you specific you're actually not paying for something else?

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