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what stores sell throwing knives?

I live in chicago suburbs so there are a variety of stores, including a JR shooting, bass pro and what not.

My dad bought a set of three throwing knives about 7 years ago, but only i have recently begun to use them and am fairly good. I practiced a lot last year and could get 7/10 from ten yards away consistently. With some more practice, i'll be there soon.

One of my friends who thinks he can anything he see's threw one as hard as he could, and it went way left, straight into the rock garden breaking the blade, now there are two

They are about 6 inches long, average shape i guess. flat back to point, curved blade then flattens.

So my question, what stores sell throwing knives? With mine, i prefer to pinch the blade.


i'd like to avoid buying online

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    Well, from experience, I've found online sources to be the best places to buy knives. is usually my first stop, followed by BudK, Smokey Mountain Knife Works, and True Swords. There are a million others, but those are my go-to stores. They generally have the best prices and the widest selection of knives.

    But if you absolutely *have* to shop locally, your best bet will be to canvas your area for Army surplus stores, Hunting or Outdoorsmen Outfitters and so on. Some of them carry throwing knives on hand.

    Also, as a side note, you may find that you get better consistency with larger knives. 7" knives are really on the small side. They tend to become extremely unpredictable at long range due to their being much more easily affected by environmental conditions or even small variations of grip and release. I generally don't throw anything less than an 8.5" knife, and that's pushing it...

    Just my $.02

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Many years of knife throwing.
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    Stores That Sell Throwing Knives

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    5 years ago

    Have you tried Cabelea's (sp?) IH 35 South of Austin near Buda

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    Short of a flea market you aren't going to find anyone stocking throwing knives.

    Best bet is online

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    Look online

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Walk in to your local police station and ask them!

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