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What are the best College apps (Macbook Pro) to have for note taking and reminders?

Looking for a good app to keep everything in place!


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  • 9 years ago
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    Though Shine on me... is mostly right, I am probably one of the few people who isn't on Facebook or twitter when taking notes via computer. Using the computer as opposed to the good old fashioned notebook has it's advantages. As a very detailed-orientated person, I tend to take way too much down, but I can't bear to leave anything out for fear I'm missing something important. However such extensive note taking is time consuming and I'm often left behind in the dust. With the computer, I can quickly type and organize my notes neatly, and have time to sit back and simply be more engaged with the professor's lecture. I've found a few apps and widgets that work for me, and hopefully they'll help you too.

    Growly Notes - I love it! I'm still exploring everything I can do, but it's nice to have everything at hand. I've uploaded all my syllabi and separated and color coded courses. In the middle of the lecture, my professor noted that the material would be better understood with a diagram, and since they were to complex to draw, she suggested later going online to the images she had uploaded. Psh, later? Why wait for later? I uploaded them right then and there, placing them so they corresponded with the notes. It's a wonderful program, but it first must be downloaded from the internet. Just follow the below link to get you started.

    Dashboard Widgets:

    Stickies - should already be in your widgets. It's just nice to have some convenient place to jot down little reminders, telephone numbers, grocery list, or w/e you happen to need it for.

    Lists - You need to go to the apple homepage to buy this one, or just go to "manage widgets" and then to "more widgets" to download it. It's a nifty way to keep high priority items in place.

    Google Calendar - Only useful if you have a google account, but you can sync your google calendar with the app, so instead of always having to log onto google to see what's going on, you can simply swoosh over to your dashboard with a flick of three fingers to get clued in.

    Dictionary - Very useful for when the prof uses words that make you tilt your head to the side and go "Huh?"

    Hopefully you can find something here helpful! Good luck!

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  • A lot of people who use computers to "take notes" are usually on facebook, youtube, or playing games. And professors know this - and not all professors allow students to use their laptops.

    Your best bet? A good ol' fashioned notebook

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