Whats the differences between deep sea fishing and fresh water fishing ?

At least 5 alikes and differences :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    everything is different

    for deep sea fishing:

    1) heavier tackle

    2) short and sturdy boat rod

    3) you use a conventional reel vs spinning or baitcasting

    4) you usually drift fish

    5) you use live or dead bait, no artificial


    1) light tackle

    2) all i use is artificial lures

    3) your reel doesn't need to hold much line because most lakes aren't real deep

    4) personally i find it more enjoyable because your not using this big heavy equipment

    5) the fish don't fight as hard as saltwater fish

    Source(s): fish both fresh and saltwater
  • Erik
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    8 years ago

    Deep sea fishing just means your fishing in saltwater 25 feat or deeper. Just a correction to the other poster, you can use bait and lures when deep sea fishing.

  • 8 years ago

    lake or a ocean !

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