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I have dark underarms. Advice?

I would love not to see any negative or degrading answers. This is something I'm already highly embarrassed of, because I shower or bathe at least once a day. I'm white, and rather pale, but I am overweight, and I've read that could be a contributing factor. I've got darker skin around my groin, on my underarms, and around my neck. I don't think it is that bad around my neck, but I feel highly sensitive about my other areas. I've got dark ankles, knees, and elbows too. I honestly think those could be fixed with some lotion and daily scrubbing, but I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I try to be comfortable with my body, and I think I could be if I could get ride of the dark areas. They're ruining my confidence. I'm comfortable with my weight, but if I have to lose weight to help fix this problem, I will. I want to hear from people who have had this problem in the past, or who currently do. I'm not sure what to do to fix it, or reverse it. I use Secret deodorant, and I've bought a pumice stone, but I feel like it's not working. Any other advice or home remedies?

Thank you SO much.

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    At least in your underarms, it might be the hair left under the skin after you shave. If so, you might want to try waxing to remove the hair at its roots.

    And remember: no one probably notices the darkness other than you. Don't let it make you self-conscious!

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