Is my setup for the LANDYATCH switch37 good?

Okay, so I've been skating for a while and I just want something new so I've decided to take up long boarding.

I was going to buy a Landyatchs Switch 37, I want the 37 because, I don't like stuff bigger than a skateboard and I'm kinda small, I've been growing tho, and I'm a lil cutie anyways ;)

Anyways, I've got a rough budget of $264 - $317, Since I'm moving from AUS to USA I'm getting a money increase.

So the deck is fine I'm just thinking of;

Trucks: Gullwig Charger 10-inch (rasta)

Wheels: Orangatang 4-president 70mm 86a (yellow)

Bearings: Rush abec 9's

Im buying from and with the board and the Trucks, wheels and bearings the longboard comes to a total of: $238 which is under my spending limit, which is great.

Do you think this set up is okay?

This is the board and its got a selection menu of items for it:

Also, DO NORMAL SKATEBOARD BOLTS WORK ON LONGBOARDS? (The bolts that bolt the trucks to the deck? :P

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  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago
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    Your setup is okay.

    I do not like Gullwings and i hate Orangatang wheels.

    Gullwing truck's quality is not that great, and Otang wheels are way overpriced for what you get. There is not point in getting 86a 4prez wheels. 86a Otang formula is horrible. If you really want 4prez wheels you should get 80a.

    For trucks I really recommend sticking with Randal 180s or Bear 852.

    For wheels I recommend Hawg wheels. If you want to get into sliding you should get the Zombie Hawgs. If you want to grip more and downhill tight corners, then the Monster Hawgs would be better. Also stick with duros around 78a - 82a for a nicer ride and slide.

    Regular skateboard bolts should work for a longboard as well. 1" - 1.25" bolts would be fine.

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