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Jim asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 9 years ago

I've messed up my browser window size.?

Please bear with me if I use the wrong terminology. I'm not very computer literate, or I wouldn't have gotten into this mess. Somehow, I have shrunk my browser window size, and I can't get it back to full screen size. The window is now about 75 percent of the way across the screen, but only about 25 percent of the vertical depth. I have an Apple MacBook, Mac OS X, version 10.4.11. I was trying to change my browser window size, and this is what I think I did: I first clicked on the Apple icon in the upper left corner, then I scrolled down to system preferences, then to Hardware/Displays, and then I changed the resolutions. At this moment, the resolution seems to be set at either 1024 x 768, or perhaps 1024 x 768 stretched. And it's possible that I also changed some other settings, but I don't think so. Help! How can I get back to a full-size browser window?


Fiddling with it is how I got messed up. Every time I fiddle with it, I seem to get things even more messed up. I just need some advice in simple terms now, please.

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  • Robin
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    9 years ago
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    Just fiddle with it again you will get it right, that's how you learn.

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