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What about Gov. Perry negates his support for algore, the 2nd most anti American democrat to run in 20 years ?

yes, I hold grudges, there's Not much chance of getting past that for me.

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    Perry tells why he hates Dubya in this article that I can't cut and paste but it's worth reading because it's so funny. He is jealous. And I don't think the Public will get over him being Gore's Campaign Manager

    Gov Perry likes to fundraise from Polluters

    Most notably, his second-biggest all-time donor, Harold Simmons, owns a nuclear waste dump. Perry led the charge in 2010, while Simmons gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Perry’s re-election campaign, to allow Simmons to import nuclear waste from thirty-eight states. On June 27 of this year, ten days after Perry signed the legislation, Simmons gave $100,000 to Americans for Rick Perry. Tom Smith, director of Public Citizen’s Texas office, estimates that the rule change will bring upward of $2 billion for Simmons. “If you put money in Perry’s purse, he’ll create policies you need,” says Smith.

    That pretty much Negates his support right there don't you think?

    One of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s oft-touted strengths in the Republican primary is his demonstrated prowess at fundraising. Less widely known is how he has raised that money and what he has done in return for it. According to Texas good government and environmental watchdogs, Perry has raised much of his campaign funds from business executives who have financial interests in state government decisions. Often Perry’s supporters come from the energy sector and Perry’s help for them has come at the expense of the environment.

    Over his three campaigns for governor Perry raised a remarkable $102 million. Perry’s predecessor, George W. Bush, who was no slouch at fundraising himself, brought in $41 million over two campaigns.

    Half of Perry’s haul, $51 million, has come from just 204 sources. Some are political action committees, but most are wealthy individuals.

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    He is the ultimate RINO.(Repunlicans In Name Only)

    * He even used to be a Democrat!

    * He supported Al Gore!

    * He voted for a $5.7 billion tax increase!


    Political Expert

    True Christian™

    Can anyone get more True Christian™ and Patriotic™ than Michelle (except Sarah Palin)? Who else but her stood against these freeloaders fooling around on wheelchairs on taxpayers’ account? They took an oath to defend the US of A against all enemies; and what they do? Nothing valuable at all!

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    nut just support but was his texas campaign manager

    perry holds grudges he hates the bushes and threw his support to gore in spite (and because he was a dem at the time also)

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