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Patrick asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

How to say 有帽子的厚夾克 in English?


Do you know how to say below words and sentences in English?

1. 有帽子的厚夾克.

2. 有帽子的運動夾克.

3. 我想要買一個禮盒給我的一個朋友.

4. 在這個圖片中, 你可以看到一個椅子在前面(在後面), 而更前面(在更後面)則可看到一個電視, 而最前面(在最後面)則可看到一本書.

5. 你們有宅急便服務嗎?

Thanks a lot for your help. ^^"

3 Answers

  • PONY
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    9 years ago
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    1. 有帽子的厚夾克.Parka jacket (coat) with detachable (活動可拆卸的) hood (帽)

    這種Parka jacket通常因有鋪毛裡,所以較厚重;為應付多變的天氣,通常毛裡、帽子都是活動可拆卸的。(參附圖) 2. 有帽子的運動夾克.Lightweight hooded jacket或 Lightweight jacket with stringed hood因適合國外春、夏季穿,重量就不如前者,所以稱為Lightweight (輕薄),帽子就是連在一起較多,並有穿繩。(參附圖) 2. 我想要買一個禮盒給我的一個朋友.I’d like to buy a gift pack for one of my friends.

    4. 在這個圖片中, 你可以看到一個椅子在前面(在後面)In this picture, you can see a chair in the front (back). 或You can see a chair in the front (back) of this picture. 而更前面(在更後面)則可看到一個電視Farther (front) back in the picture is a TV set. 或Farther (front) back in the picture you can see a TV set. 而最前面(在最後面)則可看到一本書.In the very front (back) there is a book. 或In the extreme front (back), you can see a book. 或A book is in the very front (back) of the picture.

    5. 你們有宅急便服務嗎?Do you offer door-to-door delivery service? (有帽子的厚夾克圖片)



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  • 9 years ago

    They are called "hooded jackets" or simply "hoodie", but typically hoodies are thinner.

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