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Want To Send Amanda Knox A Letter? Any One Know The Address?

hey. I follow the Amanda Knox trial. and i truly believe that she is innocent. There is no evidence against her at all, and i know she's innocent. any one who follows the case, no her address for mailing her a letter while she is in jail in Perugia, Italy. I want to send her a letter showing my support. Does any one know what the address is there? thanks so much.


lol thanks

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    this is a short synopsis of the imaginary horror story presented by the prosecution:

    A sweet and naïve American college student named Amanda Knox made dinner one night for her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, at his flat. Admiring the shiny knife she was using to prepare dinner, she decided it would make a crazy fun toy. She then cast a magical spell over Raffaele making him into a helpless zombie for a night of sexual deviancy. (According to the prosecutor, all women possess this power of unbridled mind control to make men crazy, make men weak!) It’s on record; he has successfully prosecuted several cases where the women were suspected satanic worshipers of sex!!!

    Upon returning home to Amanda’s apartment, her roommate Meredith Kercher ,was already having “consensual sex” with a man she had just met, Rudy Guede, a black man who had just entered her apartment through a window in the other bedroom. So Amanda took out the shiny kitchen knife and asked if she and Raffaele could join the sexual orgy too? Amanda’s roommate did not like that idea, so Amanda projected a mystical mind control over both men and had them hold her roommate while she y'know did stuff to her.

    After the ritual was done, Amanda meticulously cleaned the room of her and Raffaele’s DNA. She removed every strand of hair, every skin cell, but decided to leave the entire DNA of Rudy’s to make it looked like he did it.

    Apparently this story must be believable when told in Italian by the prosecutor. The jury found them guilty of murder.

    BTW there are no witnesses, no other motive, and the evidence the prosecution used has so much wrong with it that it would not be admissable in court in a civilised country.

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    Amanda Knox said she didn't know anything about Kercher's Murder until the day after when they broke down the door to her room and found her dead body. She never said that Patrick Lumumba had anything to do with it.

    If you read the Daily Mail article mentioned above, Patrick says that the police believed he was the murderer and acted as if they knew all about what he had done.

    This was the same tactic they used on Amanda. There was a text message about Patrick telling her that business was slow that night therefore she should not come to work. Amanda finished her message to Patrick saying see you later. Amanda said that "see you later" was just a way of saying goodbye. The cops claim that "see you later" meant that she would "see you later" meant that she would see Patrick later when they would meet at Meredith's house.

    While Neither Amanda or Patrick had any plans to met Meredith that night, and neither one was there at Meredith's that night, the cops had this theory about Meredith being the victim of 2 men and Amanda,and the text massage revealed that Patrick was one of the men. Patrick is Black, his wife is white so the cops assumed Patrick was a bad guy. The cops forced Amanda to sign this statement they typed, they claim this is a confession that Amanda was there.

    The Tactic is to tell the perp that you know he committed the crime and never take no for an answer, then you decide if the perp is guilty by the way he keeps telling you he is innocent.

    Patrick never was broken down and never confessed to anything and refused to tell them anything about Amanda being there.

    Amanda was weak. The cops were able to get her to confess she was there. By doing that she made the cops suspect more that the statements that she and Patrick not being there was a lie. Patrick got mad at Amanda for that. This is very serious for Patrick because if the customers at the bar had not said that he was working at the bar that night, Patrick would also be in prison for murder now.

    If you examine closely waht Patrick said about Amanda's beauty compared to Meredith's beauty then look at the pictures of both girls you will see patrick is lying.

    If you are familuiar with the Daily Mail you would know that anything you read in this Tabloid may be false.

    BTW ^ those people who say you are wrong and she is guilty are what Americans call "guilters"

    Hopefully Amanda will be acquitted during her appeal, then we can quote what they said and ridicule them.

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    If justice is served, Ms Knox will have her sentence changed - from 26 years to full life term without parole. This from the man she falsely accused of having killed Meredith, and for whom she worked, Patrick Lamumba (who, not so incidentally, sued Ms Knox for defamation and won. The Italian police are also currently suing Ms Knox's parents for false declarations and slander.)

    'Patrick reveals his feelings towards the infamous "Foxy Knoxy", and tells how the seemingly quintessential American turned into a tormented monster eaten up by anger towards both himself and Meredith. "She was angry I was firing her and wanted revenge. By the end, she hated me. But I don't even think she's evil. To be evil you have to have a soul. "Amanda doesn't. She's empty; dead inside. She's the ultimate actress, able to switch her emotions on and off in an instant. I don't believe a word she says. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. But those lies have stained me for ever.'

    So, if you want to send anyone a letter, send one to Patrick Lamumba and ask him to tell you if he thinks Ms Knox is innocent or not.

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    There is a lot of evidence against her. You must be blind and not really following the case carefully.

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    The only thing I want to send that Murderer is a box of stale cookies for her long long long stay in jail.

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    No, but you can write to this guy:

    Charles Manson, B-33920

    4A 3R 14L

    P. O. Box 3476

    Corcoran, CA 93212

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    they did it.

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