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Were can I find the cheapest of the cheap house boats in Hawaii. Just to stay in harbor?

Wanna move their, got the money, but wanna find out if I like the place first.. So I want to spend a good amout of time on a boat.. I'm looking for a like 20' house boat , idk If they even make thoughs

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  • Kono
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    8 years ago
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    Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? I think I know what you want, ok? Maybe consider nice older sail boat, 24 to 30 foot, with live aboard facility, ok? Finda nice place like ova at Haleiwa boat harbor, make sure you sneaky bout live onna boat alla time, maybe not tell the harbor master, cause while it ok for few days, they gonna tell you not to stay for long time, but you know lotta people do this, ok? Now, all these place have pump out station for head, and you gonna have to use bathroom up at harbor, ok? Nice slip with gated entry gonna be little bit more, but less chance you get caught, ok? Now, I don't know bout any regular houseboat type boat hea Hawaii, cause you gotta have good free board for seas round hea, but sail boat easy to maintain, cheap to run, and many for sale hea now, ok? Of course, consider good motor power boat, that more money, cost more to run, also need more spensive slip, but those available too, ok? One problem, parking for you car, so maybe just rent car, then use bus to get round, ok? Cause harbor gonna charge by hour to park, ok? Hope this help. Peace and aloha to you!

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  • Yeti
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    8 years ago

    If you're rich and gots the money, why are you so concerned about cheap and why can't you afford better counsel than Yahoo Answers?

    You're generally not going to be living on a house boat in Hawaii regardless. It's not like some other places where people are able to do that.

    If you're not even sure you'd like the place first, it doesn't sound like you have a good idea, and you should probably start looking into other locations that will be more amenable to what you seek. Go try Florida.

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