Bark missing on California fruit trees?

I was driving through the Yuba City/Colusa area last weekend for the first time. While passing all of the fruit trees I noticed that the majority of them had the bark about 1-2 feet from the ground on up missing. The only bark visible in passing was on the bottom foot or two. Does anybody know the reason for this? I tried googling but couldn't find anything. Just curious.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Porcupines really love bark and that is one of their main foods. It could be porcupines if they had trouble climbing the trees. Usually they strip the bark in branches higher up. Yubba city, CA does have a nice river there. Beavers could very likely be the culprits. They might do that before they chopped the trees down or maybe they were afraid of getting caught so only ate off the base. It might be too far from water so they didn't chop down the tree. There are several other rodents that might do it. My guess is probably a beaver. You could tell if you look at it close. Beaver teeth are about the size a man fingers so it would be obvious. You would see their tooth marks.

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