How does the movie Hanna End?

I just got to the part where shes at the camp site & is at the pool & the one girl says she'll sneak her into her camper if she will go talk with the spanish boys. help!!

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    You missed quite a bit. But to pick up where you left off, Hanna and Sophie meet with the Spanish boys. One wants to kiss her but she doesn't let him; instead she attacks him but backs off when Sophie intervenes.

    Meanwhile, Wiegler hires a night club owner called Isaacs (Tom Hollander) to capture Hanna while she goes after Erik, who is in Germany. Later, Isaacs and his men corner Hanna and the family, but she manages to escape after killing one of Isaacs' men. The son of the captured family, who is intrigued by Hanna, is tricked into telling Wiegler that Hanna is heading for Berlin. The fate of the family is not revealed.

    In Berlin, Hanna meets with one of her father's associates, a clown who lives in an abandoned amusement park in order to rendezvous with her father. However, Wiegler and Isaacs locate them and kill Erik's associate with arrows, but Hanna escapes. She eventually meets with her father at her grandmother's apartment, where she discovers that Wiegler has murdered her grandmother. Hanna learns that Erik is not her father, and it is revealed that Erik was once a recruiter for a program in which pregnant women were recruited from abortion clinics so that the CIA could alter their children's DNA, enhancing their strength, stamina, and reflexes while suppressing emotions like fear and empathy in order to create a batch of super-soldiers. The project was deemed a failure and all the women and their genetically-modified children were eliminated. Erik tried to escape with Hanna and her mother Johanna Zadek (Vicky Krieps), but Wiegler murdered Johanna before Erik could escape with her and Hanna to their cabin.

    As Erik finishes explaining the truth to a bewildered Hanna, Wiegler and Isaacs arrive, intent on killing them; Erik acts as a distraction to allow Hanna to escape. Erik kills Isaacs and his cohort, but is shot and killed by Wiegler, who then chases Hanna back to the abandoned amusement park. Hanna pleads for an end to the killing, but Wiegler shoots Hanna, who in turn wounds Wiegler with an improvised bow-and-arrow. As Wiegler attempts to flee, Hanna hunts her to the top of a tall slide; a disoriented Wiegler falls down the slide, dropping her gun. Hanna picks up the gun, commenting how she missed Wiegler's heart, and shoots her dead, mirroring the event in the beginning of the film in which she shoots a deer.

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    then she goes to the city to find her dad, they met

    the lady shoot her father, he dies, then she came after Hanna, Hanna shoot her, the end.

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    watch it again, you missed the whole movie.

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