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Hi, can someone who speaks/writes vietnamese translate something for me?

Can someone translate the following sentences to vietnamese for me?

I don't want to waste your time.

Love is not for me.

I am sorry.

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    Man to woman:

    Anh không muốn phí thời gian của em.

    Tình yêu không phải dành cho anh.

    Anh xin lỗi.

    Woman to man:

    Em không muốn phí thời gian của anh.

    Tình yêu không phải dành cho em.

    Em xin lỗi.

    Source(s): I was born and raised in Vietnam. :)
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  • hlavac
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    appears like someone has escaped from the country back. No, yet i'm nonetheless attempting to decipher and by no potential chuckle a lot. in basic terms hit the little flag at bottom of web page and run for abode. and do not climb any timber on the way there. i do not want to ought to call the hearth branch back. :) Edit: i imagine this is a superb answer from hoahongt... became it on your weblog. Disclaimer: this is a concept and by no potential a question to a question. My concept became meant really to make sparkling my answer and a desire to respond to the questioner's question.

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