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In Christianity are common law marriages recognized as marriages?

Bible says to obey the laws of the land and in many states cohabitation with a partner of the opposite sex is a legally binding marriage regardless of whether the couple has obtained a marriage license or not.


But what about sin. Many Christians consider living with a partner to be sinful. Some Christians even consider it sinful if the couple is not engaging in sexual intercourse but are still living together. I personally do not see it as sin.

Prior to the 16th-century Christianity accepted marriages on the validity of a couple's declarations. There were no marriage licenses. Marriage licenses are a relatively new concept in that regard. Many states didn't even start recording, filing, marriages until the mid-19th century.

Update 2:

The supreme court affirmed in Meister v. Moore (96 U.S. 76 (1877) that states cannot just dissolve or nullify a common law marriage within the state even if there is not statue establishing them. The states need to have statues which establishes rules for what constitutes a marriage.

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    God recognizes them the Church does not.

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