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Ok so here's the deal. I've been trying to get in the nursing program here in the bay area for far too long. I have completed all my prerequisites for the nursing program in a community college or CSU. I've been waiting for 3 years now and I am really considering going to school in the Philippines. Specifically Saint Louis University in Bagiuo. I've looked at the SLU website but it does not show the estimated cost of tuition, board and things of that matter. Im really trying to get an estimate idea how much it will cost me so that I may prepare myself financially. Any information or opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    9 years ago
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    Approximation in Philippine Peso.

    Tuition Fee per semester: P18,000-26,000

    Average monthly rent for a studio-type apartment/room with its own bathroom and kitchen: P10,000 -15,000 (depending on location)

    Average Transportation Cost (using Jeepneys and not Taxis): (8.50 x 2) 30 =P510 (If you live close to the university. If not, you might have to take two rides to get there)

    Food Budget: P50-100 per meal : (100 x 3) 30 : P9,000


    Total per semester (5 months): P148,550 (not inclusive of textbooks and additional school requirements like uniforms, stethoscopes, or OB bags etc.)

    Note: I studied at Saint Louis University. ^^

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    St Louis University Tuition

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    I'm finish my B.S Biology this coming march 2015 and i would like to continue to medicine . I choice your school of medicine and my parents want to know the tuition fee from first year to clerkship and if you have a dormitory to live and how much monthly. Thank you very much ,do hope you response as soon as possible.

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    How much is BS nursing tuition fee for one semester?

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