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What two players would you like to see matchup against each other in a playoff series at each position?

You can pick specific years for the players too, but pick which two players you would like to see face each other in playoff series.

For example mine would be,

C: 1995 Hakeem vs 2000 Shaq:

I would like to see this matchup because it's two contrasting styles but yet dominating at the same time. Hakeem that year took a 6th seed team and outplayed Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Robinson, and Shaq all in one playoffs and they had the 4 best records in the NBA. He trailed one series 1-3, won two series clinching games, and put up 33ppg, 10.3rpg, 4.5apg, 2.8bpg, 53%fg.

Shaq on the other hand won MVP, Finals MVP, and Allstar MVP all in one year, which I believe was only achieved by Jordan. In the finals he put up 38ppg, 16.7rpg, 2.3apg, and 2.7bpg.

PF: 2011 Dirk vs 2003 Duncan:

Again, two contrasting styles. Dirk had possibly the best playoff run since Shaq being the only player to average 10+ppg in the 4th quarter during the playoffs/finals since Shaq. Dirk busted his finger and had a 102 degree fever and still outplayed LeBron. Plus in one playoff run he outplayed Durant, Kobe, Wade, and LeBron and put up some of the best 4th quarter comebacks ever.

Playoffs: 27.7ppg, 8.1rpg, 2.5apg, 49%fg, 46%3pt, and 94%ft.

Duncan got the better of prime Shaq and got his team past the Kobe-Shaq duo. And in the finals had that legendary near quadruple double game with 21pts, 20rebs, 10ast, 8ast.

24.7ppg, 15.4rpg, 5.3apg, 53%fg. Both players were at their peaks.

SF: Prime Pippin vs Prime George Gervin:

Gervin's offense vs Pippin's defense.

SG: Prime Ray Allen vs Prime Reggie Miller

PG: 2005 Nash vs 1998 John Stockton

Two of the best at making people better.

Which two players would you want to see matchup in a playoff series?

BQ: Who would get the better of who in my matchups?

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    C: Prime Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs Prime Hakeem Olajuwon

    PF: 2004 Garnett vs Prime Karl Malone

    SF: Current LeBron vs Prime Larry Bird

    SG: Veteran Kobe vs Veteran Michael Jordan

    PG: Prime Jason Kidd vs Prime Isiah Thomas


    C: 1995 Hakeem vs 2000 Shaq:

    The Dream already proved he could outplay Shaq when it all mattered. Shaq back then was faster, more athletic, better build, etc. He was young and agile and he still couldn't keep up with Olajuwon. He still dropped some really good numbers, but that just goes to show the level of skill The Dream possessed. He swept him. At the end of the day, it would come down to who was better on the offensive end and who could get their teammates involved better. Neither could defensively shut down each other. And the Dream has the edge there with his footwork and passing ability. If Shaq at the apex of his physical fitness and athleticism couldn't keep up with The Dream, it would be even harder for 2000 Shaq. Olajuwon. It would be hard fought battle, But The Dream would win.

    PF: 2011 Dirk vs 2003 Duncan. The styles are just so contrasting. I want to give the advantage to Duncan because of his defense. But then again, it didn't matter who was guarding Dirk in the playoffs. I really don't have much to say here. Both played amazing basketball. Duncan and his spurs had taken out the 3 time champs on his way to the title. But then again, he faced New Jersey in the Finals. Dirk took a team who everybody said no chance at the championship, and was going to early exit past Durant, Kobe, Gasol, Wade, Bosh, LeBron. While outplaying each and every one of them. And played out of his mind. he was clutch, he was a team player, he was a very consistent scorer. And contrary to what many might think, he played good defense. Dirk. He outplayed the best of the best in every series and won the Finals. Duncan was amazing too, and did everything for his team. But so did Dirk, all while taking out the very best the league had to offer on a continuous run. Dirk wins

    SF: Prime Pippin vs Prime George Gervin:

    Pippen's got this one. Both were great on both ends of the court, but I give Pippen the edge on this one. Pippen's defense would be the key factor in this one.

    SG: Prime Ray Allen vs Prime Reggie Miller:

    Ray Allen would win. Better offensively, better shooter, better passer, better rebounder, etc. He was the overall better player.

    PG: 2005 Nash vs 1998 John Stockton:

    Stockton takes this one. Both are top 10 greatest PG's of all time. they both really knew how to get their teammates involved.But defensively, Stockton was much stronger than nash. And more importantly, he was a better playmaker. I give the scoring edge to Nash, but at the end of the day, the winner would be who could get their teammates involved better. And that's Stockton.

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    8 years ago

    Prime Kobe Bryant vs Jerry West

    Prime Shaq vs Darryl Dawkins

    Prime Lebron vs MJ

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    PG: Prime Magic Johnson vs. Prime Oscar Robertson. Both were extremely versatile players who could record a triple double on any given night. Both were unbelievable passers. It would be a very interesting matchup.

    SG: Prime Kobe vs. Prime Jordan. Kobe has based his game off of Jordan. You can see many similarities between the two. Obviously M.J was still the better player, but this would be a GREAT matchup.

    SF: Prime Dominique Wilkins vs. Prime Julius Erving. These two were amazing dunkers, and they would surely put on a show.

    PF: Prime Shawn Kemp vs. 2011 Dirk Nowitzki. Defense and Offense. Clash of the titans. That's what it's all about. Kemp was athletic. He was a fantastic shot-blocker and dunker, and he can rebound with the best of them. Dirk can shoot the lights out, and he has a winners mentality. He will stop at nothing to win. This matchup would be something special.

    C: Prime Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Prime Hakeem Olajuwon. Two of the greatest centers of all time, nuff' said. Hakeem had the best footwork out of any Center to ever play, while Kareem had the unstoppable sky-hook. This would be my absolute favourite match-up. Best match-up of all time for sure.

    BQ: 1995 Hakeem would get the better of 2000 Shaq. In my opinion Hakeem is a better center than Shaq ever was. First off, Hakeem was better free throw shooter, and had a better low post game and better footwork.

    2003 Duncan would probably get the best of Dirk, but it would be close.

    Prime Pippen would get the best of the two because of his defense. George Gervin wouldn't be able to score as much as he normally would.

    Prime Reggie Miller would win because he was better at moving without the ball and getting open then Ray is. Don't get me wrong, Ray is one of the best at it, but Miller was even better.

    1998 John Stockton wins. You can tell me again and again that Nash is better if you wanted to, but I wouldn't agree with you. In John Stockton's best year, he averaged 17.2 points and 14.5 assists. Steve Nash never averaged more than 11 assist per game. Stats don't lie. Stockton would play better.

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    8 years ago

    SF: Larry Bird vs Lebron James

    PF; 2004 KG vs 2011 Dirk

    PG: Same as you 2004-2007 nash against prime John stockton?

    Or Prime Nash vs Prime Kidd

    BQ- Dirk vs duncan would be really close, not sure who would win

    SF-George Gervin wins

    SG- Ray allen in a close one

    PG: Nash probably, they did face each other in 2001 but john stockton was already past his prime and nash was in like his 4th season in the nba

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