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anyone know about the history of Spain? (culture)?

I have to write an essay about the culture of spain and how it was influenced by the Romans and arabs/moors.

I have to come up with a narrow/specific thesis/theme of the essay.

What about something like "Although Spanish culture has been significantly influenced by both the Romans and Moors/Arabs/Muslims, Spain did not truly flourish until the appearance of the Moors, whose effects can still be seen today."

is that even correct? I'm kind of just guessing. (of course I'll research it and stuff to write a good essay)

Any other topic ideas?

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    It sounds good.

    Point out that the Moors were a foreign influence, just like the Romans, so you will have to find something that is Spanish and not just what other people brought to the country.

    How did Spain differ from any other north African country the Moors were in?

    Good luck.

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