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Is there going to be another X-men film?

I've heard rumours that a film on Dead pool is going to be made. Has anyone else heard this?

because it would be great, considering he's pretty much the most powerful mutant. And he is meant to have split personalities, which would be interesting.

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    X-Men: First Class is supposed to have a sequel, in fact the studio wants to make a trilogy out of the whole thing. (No surprise there.)

    Wolverine is going to have a sequel (or perhaps a prequel) called The Wolverine due out in 2013.

    The studio has also been throwing together ideas for X-Men 4 and X-Men 5. They say there's some good ideas and it could go into development very soon, but nothing is set in stone yet.

    Deadpool will have his own movie, with Ryan Reynolds again playing the role, but this time it will be much more faithful to the comics. The movie starts shooting next year.

    There were talks of giving Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit their own movies, but these ideas have all been abandoned.

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    First of all! Deadpool isn't the most powerful.


    They've been talking about a Deadpool spin off since the release of X-Men Origins Wolverine. Before it got very far, Ryan Reynolds accepted the lead in Green Lantern and that put production on hold. NOw that he finished Green Lantern, and (I guess) GL 2 and 3 were rushed into production right away like they were initially hoping to do, instead of going back to the Deadpool project, like he said he was, he accepted the lead in the a zombie-esque movie called "R.I.P.D."

    He has reportedly said that he plans to go back to the Deadpool project after RIPD, but...then that's what he said when he was doing Green Lantern.

    An alternate ending to Xmen Origins shows Wade Wilson picking up the head of "Deadpool". Showing that "Deadpool" was some sort of clone of the real Wade Wilson, and thus, leading into the planned spin-off they had in mind.

    The next X-Men movie is going to be "The Wolverine" the sequel to origins. It will follow Wolverine's Japanese storyline...which involved a Japanese love interest, and multiple run ins with an elemental Samurai warrior named Silver Samurai.

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    not 4 a while.

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