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How good: home theater system of Cerwin-Vega...?

Im planning to buy a good home theater system. I was googling for some brands, wen i came across this brand Cerwin-Vega (which i don't remember to have ever heard of). So was just wondering as to how good a sound system would it make?

thnx in advance

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    9 years ago
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    I have not heard their newer stuff but historically CV has not been known for sound quality. They are however very big and highly efficient meaning they do not require very much power to provide a lot of sound output. From looking at the products on their web site I will say they have some stuff that looks pretty cool but I would remain highly skeptical about the sound quality. Btw, don't know how you missed CV, they've been around forever. They were pretty big in the 1970's.

    Another highly efficient speaker that will cost a bit more but offer similar efficiency with better sound quality is Klipsch. As a long time hard core DIY speaker builder I have a really hard time finding any commercial speaker to recommend to people. To me, even the most expensive ones are not really very good. I'm starting to think that Klipsch might be something good to recommend for mass market home theatre though just because of the efficiency. Also, I've been pleasantly surprised by the sound I've heard from some of them. It's not all that bad! The efficiency is critical because just +3 dB more sensitivity cuts the amplifier power requirement in half. Movies are very dynamic and thus require a lot of head room in the power amplifier. To produce a sudden +20 dB burst of energy like a movie explosion requires 100x more power than the average level of power surrounding the burst. That means if you have a 100 watt amp you can only listen to an average of 1 watt to avoid clipping the burst. Most consumer systems are going to distort the really aggressive dynamics in movies no matter what but because the Klipsch is so much more efficient, the distortion will be greatly reduced. So while they might not be perfect, Klipsch is probably not a bad option for the typical consumer.

    Btw, Paul Klipsch's original arguments for sacrificing every other aspect of speaker design was to increase efficiency so that amplifier clipping would be greatly reduced. In those days it was difficult to build an amplifier more than a few watts. He felt it a good balance of tradeoff to push the limits of horns etc into degrading overall sound quality because what little was lost was greatly regained in much lower distortion from the amplifier. For years I have argued that his argument is no longer valid due to the easy availability of very high power amplifiers. More recently however I have been rethinking this. One, consumer electronics like AVRs generally can't produce a fraction of the power they claim and two, high power in any voice coil produces its own problems by creating large thermal swings... the temperature and thus impedance of the coil is modulate. So now I'm thinking old Mr. Klipsch was right all along.

    So, all that being said, if you can find some CV's to audition or if they will give you a free in home audition where you don't have to pay return shipping then try them and compare them to the Klipsch. Who knows, the CV's might be ok these days but my guess is that you will find that the Klipsch are going to be the better choice.


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  • 9 years ago

    Cerwin Vega is considered a medium grade speaker - not crap but not high end - probably just fine for most people.

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