Perfume, Cologne, Fragrance what's the difference ?

Perfume is for girls.

Cologne for boys.

Fragrance meaning anything that are used as to smell good ?

And why is that men's emulsion or cologne makes me hard to breath ? It is somewhat like a sweat with good smell mixed. I don't get that. It's really bad.

I always use girls emulsion ,toner and perfume because it smells fresh and like fruit. Who would want a hard to breath strong smell because they are so confused of their sexuality ?

I don't know if girls emulsion works better only for girls and not for boys but I bet it softens more so it's better even for boys.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Perfume is very expensive. Cologne is the cheaper knock off. A couple centuries ago

    in Europe people did not bathe often as they do today. It was cold and hot water was not

    readily available. They sprayed theirselves with perfume so they would not be offensive


    In the past few years male cologne has become popular. Prior to that, men usually just used

    an alcohol based after shave lotion.

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