Why is rick perry unelectable?

I know why he is electable because he is an establishment tool. There's no difference between left and right they are both corrupt. Truth has been thrown right into my face after researching candidates and paying attention. I have voted conservative for 40 years and I feel betrayed. Everyone should. Faux news sux. The news media is biased and people are being led to believe that they choose a candidate even though they did not. The polls are fake. I have taken part in many polls and even faux news polls always show Ron Paul at around 70% but they don't trust their own polls? They use some bogus numbers to try to fool us. Look at the polls in the houston chronicle. 76% Ron Paul 9% Rick Perry. I say rick perry is unelectable because we the people have a mind and a voice that is more powerful then corruption!! Why do you think Rick Perry is unelectable?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Before commenting on Perry, let's look at the overall picture. A recent polls show that as much as Obama and the Democrats have problems the Republicans have more. A recent poll in California for example (Link 1) show that no Republican Presidential candidate is viewed as credible. A REALLY hardhitting article at the 2nd link by a former GOP insider shows how the GOP (helped by the media) are destroying the US. It's a long article, but ANYONE reading it will see why the GOP are ONLY interested in supporting the rich and why NO middle class or poor American with even a modicum of common sense would support the GOP. Unfortunately all too many middle class Americans are brain dead.

    As to Perry, he's unelectable mainly because he's a Republican, but also because his platform doesn't make sense (he's a religious bigot, favours the rich, is anti-labour, has illogical economic views (reduced expenditures and no tax increases is not going to solve the economic problems. And despite claims to have created jobs in Texas these are a) low paying, and b) ONLY by stealing jobs from other state, which is not extrapolatable to the US as a whole), etc. sooooo ... unless a majority of voters are complete idiots (not impossible given that a majority elected Bush!) they will see that and vote Democrat.

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    9 years ago

    He really is not. Whether he is a good choice we will find out soon.

  • 9 years ago

    who said he was--we'll have to wait and see.

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