Question about Gerard Butler. (?)?

This is serious. I am 14 years old, what means too young, and while ALL my fellow girl-classmates are "In Love" with famous YOUNG boys like Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner etc... I REALLY LIKE Gerard Butler. I mean he is more mature that Justin Biber and the others, he is more handsome, he has a low profile personality and he is not supercilious like the previous famous boys. And except my best girlfriend all the other kids dying in laughter when they ask me "What's you beloved male celebrity Daphne?" and I answer them "Gerard Butler!". I am also signed in a GB Fan Club and I shared my experience with them. They say that I am so mature for my age and just the other kids don't know what means a real men. They are with me. But what's you opinion? Should I change my mind and left my appreciation for Gerry Butler and star be BORING CASUAL as the other stupid girl fans of Justin Bieber?

Really need you opinion and answers.

Daphne, Gerard Butler's youngest fan.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Theres nothing wrong with liking Gerard Butler! Duh! its Gerard Butler! And his accent, OMG so bloody sexy!! Dont worry youre totally normal with a great taste in men. Just think twice though before you go out with older men. Lol thats wrong. But other than that, its totally fine. Im on the same boat, lol Ive had this crush on George Clooney since i was like 15 (im 20 now). But then again, im going out with a younger man, (just a year younger but still).

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    nothing is wrong with liking him you like who you like thats your opinion you dont need to go with who anyone else likes dont worry what they think stay a gb fan(:

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