ATF Chief Says Justice Department Covering Up Gun Smuggling Scandal To Protect Obama Officials?

This is a disgrace and lets people of America know just how Corrupt their government is Barry/Obama should be investigated he has to have knowledge of what is going on and possibly at his instructions?

sBlog) – The LA Times reports the Director of the ATF is blowing the whistle on a Justice Department cover up of the U.S. government’s guns smuggling operations.Not only into Mexico?

As I have previously reported, the U.S. government gun smuggling scandal has grown to include at least two Mexico drug cartels and along with sister operations that involved gun smuggling to Puerto Rico and Honduras with some guns reaching as far as Columbia.

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    I find it incredible that Eric Holder claims to have little knowledge of "Operation Fast and Furious" yet he has the time and resources to send armed federal agents to raid the Gibson Guitar facilities in Nashville and Memphis for the alleged crime of importing wood from the endangered species list and allowing this wood to be hand-finished by American workers instead of foreign workers before importing it.

    How do you spell dumb ***? E-R-I-C-H-O-L-D-E-R

    BTW Eric Holder is the same man who pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists here in New York State when he was A.G. right before Hillary Clinton's senatorial run. She was trying to win the Latino vote and I guess she and Bill thought it could be done by pressuring Holder to release some cold-blooded Puerto Rican killers (as opposed to some guy who under-reported his income on his tax returns!). One cop and a few civilians died in those NYC terrorist attacks committed by the Puerto Rican F.A.L.N. terrorists, yet ERIC HOLDER is the man whose judgment Barack Obama trusts for the top job at the U.S. Department of Justice. Un-phuckin-believable.

    Source(s): I'm a New Yorker so I know about the Puerto Rican terrorist flap and I play the guitar, but not a Gibson.
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