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甚麼是circulating inflammatory

原文是Emerging evidence suggests

that circulating inflammatory and/or progenitor cells contribute

significantly to the remodeling process

甚麼是 circulating inflammatory and/or progenitor cells


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    你好: 你那篇paper應該是-Sustained hypoxia promotes the development of a pulmonary artery-specific chronic inflammatory microenvironment關於動脈硬化的病理生理學是一門大學問,如探討到免疫學,那更是複雜! 以下簡單答覆你的問題-(circulating)inflammatory cell根據TheFreeDictionary的解釋 :a cell (neutrophil, macrophage, monocyte, eosinophil, basophil) participating in the inflammatory response to a foreign substance.中文名稱及大略功用請參考-中文wiki:白血球 progenitor cell是由stem cell次分化而來,可再分化成各類細胞。中文及大略功用請參考-http://bc.imb.sinica.edu.tw/images/biotech/19_21.p... Cells and Progenitor Cells circulating progenitor cells(CPC)CPC were defined as circulating CD34+ cells.In human, circulating pluripotent CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) reside in bone marrow. They produce precursors of T lymphocytes, which seed the thymus (thus becoming thymocytes) and differentiate under influence of the Notch and its ligands.(關於CD34,進一步請參考英文wiki:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD34%EF%BC%89 關於動脈硬化的簡單病理生理學,建議參考-英文wiki:Atherosclerosis中pathophysiology一節 以上簡答供參考!

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