Greenhouse gas outcomes of grazed pastures? C sequestration and methane emissions?

Anyone want to share some opinions/viewpoints/arguments on this hotly debated topic?

I'm writing a report and have heaps of references but it's good to hear peoples opinions and get the brain juices flowing.


"Summarize the greenhouse gas outcomes of grazed tropical pastures considering both methane emissions from the cattle and C sequestration by pastures."

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  • DaveH
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    9 years ago
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    Pasture will sequester virtually no Carbon, so there's nothing to talk about there unless the pasture was created by clearing thriving bush.

    Re the Methane that's a different story. Follow the carbon in this...

    1. Grass takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    2. Ruminants eat grass

    3. Ruminants belch and fart Methane to the atmosphere

    4. Methane oxidises to CO2 and Water Vapour.

    go to 1.

    If there's no grass there are no ruminants.

    If there is grass that is not eaten then it decomposes to Methane and oxidises to CO2.

    No carbon is added or removed by grazing ruminants.

  • 9 years ago

    If it is "hotly debated" then there should be more than enough easily available information for you to at least formulate a clear and tangible question.

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