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which pitcher , batter duo would win?

round 1: justin verlander , robinson cano vs roy halladay , prince fielder. clayton kershaw , ryan bruan vs cc sabathia , matt kemp. ian kennedy , dan uggla vs jered weaver , jose bautista. cliff lee , curtis granderson vs cj wilson , ryan howard

round 2:


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    it's a toss up between verlander and cano, and lee and granderson

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    Round 1. Halladay + feidler. I think the batter who can hit more homeruns will win against those pitchers.

    Clayton + Ryan will win. It is a close call but I just think Clayton is harder to hit than CC.

    Jered Weaver + Jose Bautista will win. The only good thing about Dan is his power and Jose is better than him in that department. Jered is better than Ian as well.

    Lee + Curtis will win. Lee will murder Ryan Howard.

    Round 2. Clayton + Ryan will beat Halladay + Fielder. Clayton will murder lefthand hitter and Ryan is a beast against good pitching.

    Lee + Curtis will win. It is a very close call but lefty pitcher against left hand hitter is better than righty pitcher against right hand hitter.

    Final: Clayton + Ryan will win the finals. Again, Ryan absolutely murders good pitching and he is against a lefty. Ryan is also more consistent.

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    Using OPS as the best single stat for pitcher-batter matchups and keeping in mind the number of ABs to see if it looks representative:

    NOTE: When there is no data I extrapolated by adding the most similar players according to Baseball-Reference who have faced the opponents. I add the most similar pitcher vs. the batter and the pitcher vs. the most similar batter.

    Round 1:

    Verlander vs. Fielder: OPS .000 in 6 AB

    Halladay vs. Cano: OPS .725 in 51 AB

    Winner: Verlander and Cano

    Sabathia vs. Braun: (using Roy Halladay and Manny Ramirez) OPS 1.929 in 28 AB

    Kershaw vs. Kemp: (using Dontrelle Willis and Carlos Beltran) OPS .300 in 10 AB

    Winner: Kershaw and Braun

    Kennedy vs. Bautista: (Never face each other and no adequate comps, especially considering their recent improvements. I'm using Beltran vs. Willis since they faced each other in their peaks when they were about as good as Kennedy and Bautista, who are peaking now) OPS .790 in 31 AB

    Weaver vs. Uggla: (using Cole Hammels and Aaron Hill) OPS .816 in 49 AB

    Winner: Uggla and Kennedy, but it's close. I have faith in Kennedy in big spots against top guys too, having watched him coming up as a Yankee.

    Lee vs. Howard: (using Dan Haren and Prince Fielder) 1.833 OPS in 12 AB

    Granderson vs. Wilson: OPS 1.417 in 3 AB this season (.522 OPS in 9 AB overall)

    Winner: Granderson and Lee. This one is also a tough call. The comps aren't great, but I think I have to give it to Granderson and Lee even though the raw numbers go the other way.

    Rount 2: (this time no comps are needed. This guys have all faced each other plenty)

    Verlander vs. Granderson: OPS .952 in 6 AB

    Lee vs. Cano: OPS .427 in 37 AB

    Winner: Granderson and Lee

    Kershaw vs. Uggla: OPS .237 in 12 AB

    Kennedy vs. Braun: OPS .833 in 6 AB

    Winner: Kershaw and Braun


    Kershaw vs. Granderson: .000 OPS in 3 AB

    Lee vs. Braun: OPS .667 in 6 AB

    This one is very close. Granderson and Braun are both leading MVP contenders in their respective leagues and Lee is considered the favorite slightly over Kershaw (who is 3rd) for NL Cy Young. There haven't been enough at bats for the numbers to mean too much. Based largely on Brauns superior average and, as a result, superior OPS, I'm going to say the winner is:

    Kershaw and Braun

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    8 years ago

    fielder halladay

    sabathia kemp

    weaver bautista duh

    lee granderson

    rd 2 fielder halladay

    weaver bautista

    rd 3 weaver bautista

    but wut about playera like tim lincecum? hes betr than sabathia, wilson, kershaw, and lee (idk about weaver i dont know him well enuf) and if i say hes better than halladay i will get too many east coast people saying how rong i am but i think he is (most k's since he came up and one of the best eras just saying) a good combo would have been timmy beltran (hottest hitter in baseball rite now 11-14 with a hr 2 triples and 3 doubles)

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    JV and Cano

    Sabathia and Kemp

    Weaver and Bautista

    Lee and Granderson

    JV and Cano

    Weaver and Bautista

    Winner: JV and Cano

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    What are they playing? Foose Ball? Table Tennis? Madden 12?

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