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Billards pool table worth?

Just bought a old coin operated billiards standard size pool table. It has copper finish. It's in pretty good shape. All wood. Only damage is at the bottom where the wood is a little chipped and two of the pockets need to be replaced. My and and I have played on it and all the balls come out where it should including the cue ball on the opposite side. There are two stickers from state of Illinois department of revenue one for July 31 1976. And one from a year later July 31 1977. It's got another sticker that says " US Billiards inc." With this under it " pod 3-4787" if anyone has an idea on the value of this I would love to know what kinda deal I got on this table


It's super heavy. It's a 25 cent machine. Innards are still great and working

Update 2:

Whoa Mark... I was just asking a question because I didn't know if it could be considered antique or not. I think that was very rude. I dont know anything bout pool tables. I didn't say ANYTHING rude to you. Uncalled for!

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    First off, the universal rule of the Pool and Billiards section of Yahoo Answers is to ignore everything Mark says. He's a teenage kid who's admitted on multiple occasions that he knows nothing about anything pool related, his parents just work for a pool website (which he regularly spams us with).

    As far as your table goes, it's not particularly old in antique table terms, most that have a lot of value are more like 100 years old and from major name brands (like Brunswick). I've also never heard of a coin op table that was particularly valuable.

    Obviously, if you want an accurate valuation of your table, this is not the place to ask. You need to find someone familiar with antique tables (there are some dealers here and there that work in that particular field) and get it appraised. A vague description to an audience of people with no experience in the field is not going to cut it.

    Mark may be right on for the dollar amount though. If it's just an off-brand bar table (i.e., nothing special), which is sounds like it probably is, $500 is probably a decent number to put of it if we're going to pick one out of the air. A lot of used bar tables are sold in that price range and almost none go for more than $1,000.

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    Depends on condition and brand. A good used Dynamo can go for $2K if in good condition.

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    a brand-new 4x8 tournament table can go for $2,000 (or more)

    you have a USED 3x7 bar table....value?...maybe $500 ? (or less)

    kiss my white-hairy-asse if you don't like my answer

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