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What does jiji anha mean in korean?

Its in all the kpop songs, but I don't know what it means...


such as in the sentence

Neoui gieogi nan jiwo jiji anha

What role does jiji anha serve in this sentence?

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    Jiji = 지지

    Anho = 않아

    지지 않아 means '(We/I) Won't lose.' or '(We/I) are/am not going down.'


    But in the example that you put, it means:

    'My memories about you can not be erased.'

    'Jiji anha' alone doesn't really mean anything there, but it's rather 'Jiwo jiji anha (지워지지 않아)' which is complete.

    It means 'can not be erased.'


    So alone, it means "We won't lose/go down", but in the example you put, it's "can not be erased." It all depends on how the words are used, and in what context. ^^

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    You haven't given anything that's really translatable. It doesn't mean anything, it's just a sentence fragment.

    "anha" in this context just negates things. So it means "not".

    The second "ji" is just a verb suffix that tags along with the word "anha". It doesn't really mean anything, it's just a suffix.

    The first "ji" is most likely just part of a verb. It looks like the first part of the verb is missing, so it's not a complete word, and therefore the phrase isn't translatable.

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