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Your thoughts about the care of guinea pigs...?

So I am getting a guinea pig in a couple of weeks. It will be no older than 4 months.

I think I will be using FLEECE BLANKETS instead of the original bedding (hay, etc...) And PLEASE FOR THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT USE FLEECE (people that don't use fleece just answer the next questions below, please)! But fleece users, can you explain how you make the bedding.... I don't want to use anything that could make the guinea ill. If I do use paper for anything, it'd only be plain white COPY PAPER --- not newspaper (because I read it is bad). Is that okay?

Washing the blankets frequently and cleaning won't be a problem!

But would I only have to do 1-2 a week of cleaning?

& how long does a fleece blanket last until you have to get a new one, since you'll be washing it ALOT?!

At the pet store, the biggest bag of food is 5lbs. ($10) and I was wondering how long a bag like that would last? Weeks? Or what. Or how much does your bag of food last? And what size is it? And it says to feed the guinea vegetables daily and fruit 1-2 times a week, so would you still give it a cup of food from the bag daily also?

When it comes down to playing with it, how can you spend time with it? I am going to get it a ball so it can roam around in my room, and get somewhat of freedom. But how can I give it one on one time, since it won't have a companion (another guinea pig). I don't want it to become lonely or depressed. & Should I get it a hideout?

The smallest space for it's home I would give it is 20 x 10 x 12 and if it came down to the largest would be 24 X 12 X 16 inches... There is only ONE guinea pig, so it won't have to fight over space with another and + when I'm home, I'll let it out. It's only going to be in the cage when I'm not home, I'm cleaning, or I'm sleeping. Is that okay?

You can talk about those 2 topics however you like, in any way! I need much details!

1. The fleece bedding

2. Food

3. Play

I am just looking for the cheapest route ! (:

And any important details you would like to give me, then please do!! (:

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    With fleece do not use paper. Its useless. You need to put something absorbent under the fleece like mattress pads, UHaul blankets (the recycled denim kind), mattress pads or puppy pads.

    I just put UHaul blankets down and put fleece on top. I use binder clips to attach the fleece to the coroplast (its a c&c cage). More info on fleece here

    Newspaper is safe as long as the ink is soy based.

    Most people only have to wash the fleece once a week. You can add a litter pan and if they use it you can go longer. You can put towels in the corners they pee in the most and you can go longer. I do both and I only have to change the fleece once a month.

    Fleece will last a couple years at least. I have had my current fleece for maybe a year and its still in good condition. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts longer than 3 years. Most people change fleece to change the color/pattern/look etc not because they need to.

    How long pellets last depends on the age of the guinea pig. Guinea pigs under 6 months need unlimited pellets. Guinea pigs over 6 months need at most 1/8 cup. I have 5 guinea pigs and a 10 pound bag lasts months. Along with pellets they need unlimited hay and at least 1 cup of veggies every day

    Do not get an exercise ball. Guinea pigs backs are not meant to bend that way. Wheels and exercise balls injure their backs. For floor time they need a playpen. To spend time with them you just hold them. I will put a towel on my bed (in case they pee) and pet them, cuddle etc while I watch TV.

    They need a place to hide

    You need to get 2. They are social herd animals and need to be in pairs. Its not fair to make them live alone. A guinea pig living alone is like a person never having contact with other people.

    24x12 is tiny. The minimum cage size is 7.5 square feet. Guinea pigs need space to run laps. c&c cages are the best, biggest and cheapest cages

    One of the most expensive things can be hay. Store bought hay is expensive. The cheapest hay would be locally from a farmer. I get 50 pound bales for $3. You can google it or look on craigslist in the farm and garden section for local farmers selling hay. Feed stores sometimes have cheap hay. If you cant find a local farmer or feed store you can get KMS hay. Even with shipping its much cheaper than pet store hay

    Youve already got bedding covered with fleece.

    Make toys yourself. There is no need to spend money on toys. Here are some toys you can try

    Some of these toys will work too

    During the summer if there is a farmers market near you that is a great place to get cheap veggies. If you can grow veggies in the summer. Save things from your veggies like corn silks, cauliflower leaves, beet greens, radish tops, carrot tops etc. It all needs to be raw. No cooked veggies.

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    If you are not able to pay for a puppy you should not get one seeing that you want as so much cash as viable in case whatever occurs in which you want an emergency vet. In my opinion guinea pigs are simpler to care for and dont odor up to hamsters do. Also hamsters are asleep so much the day and conceal from you. Guinea pig are up 20 hours of the day and as a rule sleep in random durations for the duration of the day so they're constantly energetic and social. They like to cuddle for your lap and will do methods like spin in a circle for a deal with and likewise they may be able to be litterbox proficient so that you arent spending as so much on bedding. Guinea pigs is also slightly extra high-priced to start with however after you have the cage setup and the whole lot your watching at approximately 20-forty greenbacks every week relying on what you feed them and the style of bedding you employ.

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