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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 10 years ago

Most spoken artificial language?

I was wondering what the most spoken artificial language is, not as a native tongue of course ;)

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  • Peter
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    10 years ago
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    In terms of what we commonly understand artificial language to be, it would have to be Esperanto,

    although there are no reliable statistics on how many speakers there are, and the estimates vary so widely as to be useless.

    Bear in mind also, that there are degrees of artificiality to the so-called constructed languages.

    Constructed languages have three classifications :

    Auxiliary languages (includes controlled languages, eg Globish and E-Prime)

    Engineered languages (eg Loglan, Ro, Unilingua)

    Artistic languages (eg Klingon and many other languages from fiction, and Talossan)

    Esperanto is a Constructed International Auxiliary language

    Also there are languages, created to revise and standardise existing languages

    Nynorsk (pronounced [ˈnyːnɔʂk]) or New Norwegian is one of two official written standards for the Norwegian language. The standard language was created by Ivar Aasen during the mid-19th century, to provide a Norwegian alternative to the Danish language which was commonly written in Norway at the time. 27% of the Norwegian municipalities have declared Nynorsk as their official language form.

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