Is the University of Florida a good school for design?

I'm a small town girl from Idaho. I'm 25 and want to go back to school. I've lived in San Deigo and loved it there but the econmy is horrible. I was considering moving to Flordia and going to school. I've visited Florida before but only Fort LauderdaleIe. Is the University of Flrodia a good school for graohic design students? and I've never been to Gainesville, is it a good place to live? I also just left my long time boyfriend, are the people nice there? Just would like some advice. Thanks.

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  • Lark
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    9 years ago
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    The University of Florida has consistently been highly-ranked and well-regarded for its academics and athletics, and it's considered to be one of the best values in higher education. The tuition is considerably higher for out-of-state students, but Florida residents are able to get a strong education at a bargain price. It's been dubbed a "public Ivy." The Florida College of Fine Arts is under the umbrella of UF, and is quite prestigious. They offer a competitive graphic design program.

    I recently made my first trip to Gainesville, and I had a marvelous time there. My boyfriend's dad grew up there, and both of his grandparents taught at UF until recent years. They took us on a tour of the campus, and I thought it was really beautiful. I was actually surprised by the ornateness of some the architecture. We were there just as the school year was beginning again, and it was fun watching the campus become alive. It's a welcoming and cheerful place. Everyone seemed to be very friendly and happy to be there. It is considered to be a party school, but academics are still taken very seriously.

    I really enjoyed visiting Gainesville, though I'm not sure that it's a place where I'd ever settle. I'm from LA and am accustomed to a faster pace and a climate that is more Mediterranean, so the thick heat and humidity of Florida and more mellow vibe would require a major adjustment for me. I was very relaxed, there, though, and I loved how much green there was everywhere. This was taken in Gainesville:

    Within a few hours of Gainesville there are several fun and interesting attractions. We made it to my grandpa's beach house in Seaside in a morning, and we also went to historic St. Augustine. There are gorgeous natural springs in the area too. At the moment my Photobucket album is open, and you're welcome to flip through it and see more pictures of Florida like the springs if you wish. It's a much more affordable area than Southern California. I was shocked to see large, lovely homes at prices that seemed to be amazingly low to me. For the same price as a four-bedroom house there you'd get a studio without parking in my area of LA. For that reason and many others think it would be a less stressful place for a young adult to root herself.

    UF has very selective admission, so if you're interested in going there start working towards that goal now.

    I hope all works out for you!

    ~ skylark : )

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