scioto to erie trail in columbus ohio?

Does that trail take you from columbus ohio to lake erie

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  • 10 years ago
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    The new Lower Scioto Greenway trail is a great trail, especially IMO through downtown Columbus, but it is dead-ended at both termini. It's possible that a stretch of it is considered part of the Ohio Erie Trail.

    Here are some links with information about the Ohio (River) to (Lake) Erie Trail. The Olentangy River Trail is the part of the Ohio to Erie Trail that runs from downtown Columbus through The Ohio State campus to Westerville.

    <<# From downtown Columbus to Westerville the trail follows the Olentangy River bike path. The section through The Ohio State University is being upgraded and work is ongoing. Keep the river to your west if you run into construction. The trail will start at either end of campus next to the Olentangy River.

    # There are two routes through Westerville. The Alum Creek route is along Alum Creek, Main Street, Cleveland Avenue, and Polaris Parkway (becomes Maxtown Road). The Westerville downtown route follows the rail corridor that runs through the center of Westerville. Both routes link at Alum Creek and Schrock Road on the south and at Maxtown Road across from Home Depot on the north.>>

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