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Does the US Navy offer this anymore?

Seaman Submarine Program

I saw this online and thought it would be a good way to start a Navy Career in submarines

if you see another question like this, it was me, for some reason, it wasnt posting on any forum

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    As a submariner, I feel somewhat competant answering this question. The Navy Submarine Program is still very active and a very good chance for a person to start at entry level and work through the ranks. In order to volunteer for Submarine Duty, you must enlist into one of the rates(jobs) mention on the above website. Of course, for now, only males can enlist and you must have an ASVAB score high enough to get those jobs. As a recruit, you will go to Great Lakes for boot camp, where you will also be screened for the Submarine Duty. You may also be entered into an investigation to receive Secret or Above clearance. Following bootcamp, you will head up to Groton, CT for Basic Enlisted Submarine School, a very basic school where you will learn about submarines in general submarine knowledge, history, and damage control. The last stop before you get sent to a boat is your A or C school where you learn information specific to your rate.

    Now for the fun stuff... On the boat, you will start in very strenuous environments. Not only do you have to qualify for your in-rate jobs, you also have to qualify Submarines within a year. However arduous the qualification process, the pride of wearing the dolphins (Enlisted Submarine Warfare Pin) and the brotherhood that you have been initiated into is worth the difficulty. After a few years, and a little advancement, the job becomes more streamlined, and you will feel much more adept with your work.

    As far as rates go, choose one that most appeals to you. If you like working on electronics, choose to go navigation or nuclear electrician. For those good at math and trigonometry, Fire Control Technician is a viable option. If you enjoy working on guns and other weaponry, try for Machinist Mate- Weapons, formerly known as torpedomen. I'm personally a missile technician, and i work on nuclear weaponry. Mine is a stressful job but fully worth the effort. As far as admin junkies are concerned, you may want to enlist as a Yeoman or Storekeeper (now Logistic Specialist). In the end, your choice might not be exactly what you expected, but the opportunities and benefits are endless.

    So if you do choose to start a submarine career, keep an open mind, work hard, and roll with the punches. Good luck to you, and if you have further questions, just email me vice asking a recruiter. Most of them don't have submarine experience, based on how few people are actually in our community. Again good luck and Hooyah! -MT2/SS

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    there are a number of careers in the army. Any concept what you will possibly prefer to do? floor ships, subs, pilot, SEALS, etc. common not a foul plan. so some distance as retirement is going, you have got not something to coach from the army. you will could create your person. That became the main important project I had. i became in for 9 years, could not deduct all of my IRA because of the fact the IRS stated that I had a 401-k plan, yet as quickly as I have been given obtainable wasn't one cent in that plan for me. i might evaluate going immediately to Customs if it incredibly is your in simple terms right objective. I did have a super time seeing the worldwide. yet once you have relatives which you leave at the back of, it incredibly is complicated, emotionally as properly as logistically. in simple terms right of success with your determination. Edit: Roger's incorrect. while the army fights, we push a button from seven-hundred miles away. Or deliver the in simple terms right experienced pilots into action. Or the in simple terms right experienced covert gadgets. Your odds of being KIA with the army are narrow.

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