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Taurus 1911 45 acp?????

im not a pistol guy, a friend got one. i know everybody and their brother makes a 1911 these days, what about this one? good? bad? indifferent? better than? worse than? average MSRP? whatever you got....


just to be clear: I AM NOT BUYING A PISTOL. i am simply curious about this one. my friend isnt a pistol guy either. i am just looking for some info for him.

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    the taurus company has a good reputation for making good to great quality "clone guns" if you are looking for an entry level 1911 it would not be a terrible choice however, if you are not an avid pistol shooter there are a few less expensive options, the taurus runs around 550-695 depending where you shop, but a rock island 1911 will set you back around 450, these are both good starter platforms to get into 1911 shooting, i started with an armscor 1911, and my latest 1911 is a springfield with about 1200 in custom upgrades, so you see it can be quite addicitive! hope this is helpful, no matter what you choose, choose to enjoy it and have fun, shoot safely and have a good one.

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  • 9 years ago

    Taurus does make a decent 1911. The only thing at issue is how well it shoots for you.

    We have a variety of 1911s in our shooting group. The Taurus seemed to be a tad different than the others. But this is shooting at targets around 40 yards. Not a big deal. Once we factored it in, we were fine.

    One thing we did notice, we did a full take down and found a rusty part on the internal workings. Fortunately the new owner had spare parts to replace it. That was years ago.

    Not sure if they have gotten better or worse. I have noticed the price has been going up since its initial days though.

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    I have had one for a couple of years and love it. I've put a couple thousand rounds through mine without any major problems. It locks up a lot tighter and shoots much better groups than the first 1911 I bought (RIA G.I.) but that is to be expected. For the price and all the features it comes with I think it's a pretty good deal. I spent just under $700 bucks on mine but I bought it from a local gun dealer I like, and wasn't worried about paying a little extra. The only thing I dont like is the ambidextrous safety. The regular safety works just fine for me, and the one on the taurus is just to much in my opinion.

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  • cmcvpr
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    9 years ago

    They aren't the cheapest, but they have a lot of semi-custom type features not found on a lot of other budget 1911's. I think they are a good deal for the money. I've shot a couple of other people's at the range a time or two. I would buy one.

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    The gun is working appropriate. In maximum semi-computerized firearms, the slide quickly locks to the rear after the final around is fired. this might properly be a seen indicator which you're out of ammo, and can desire to reload. The lockback is truthfully led to by utilising the magazine. whilst the magazine is empty, the follower pushes up on the slide lock. It would not take place if there are nonetheless cartridges interior the magazine. And, fantastically lots something in .40 5 acp is a physically powerful protecting around. purely placed one between the blouse wallet, and you win.

  • Bob
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    9 years ago

    Taurus has a reputation for making clone guns with the added bonus of increasing unreliabilty in their semi's. Revolvers are ok at best, semi's are a lot like buying lottery ticket. You'll either get one that functions 100%, but odds are a lot better that it won't.

    Springfield milspec or GI for <$500, better use of the money.

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    9 years ago

    Well first and foremost Taurus is a Brazilian manufactuer and they basically mimic Colt and S/W. If your gonna buy a 45 buy american we designed it and our military carried it 4ever. Now that aside they msrp 500-575 give or take. Draw backs they jam alot i.e.


    For the price springfield makes a great gun for a good price. if your just looking for a 45 acp i own a sig sauer p220 great gun.

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    9 years ago

    You can get one for under $600.Last time I talked to my brother he said he was getting one,not sure if he got it yet.

    I would take a para or springfield over taurus.




  • 9 years ago

    * Instead of the Taurus have you, or your friend go here first.* Metro arms.com

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