how entomology can be used?

science homework. cant figure it out:/

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  • bugsie
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    9 years ago
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    I use entomology in my green house production range to control bad insect populations.

    The industry has been so saturated with pesticides that many forms of bad insects are now totally immune to pesticides.

    In green house crops I can name two: the Q bio type white fly and the Western Flower Thrips.

    So with these two insect in mind I have to rely on entomology to preserve my crops.

    I must be able to identify the pests and know which beneficial organism will prevent the population of these pest from growing out of control.

    I need to know what light and heat level work best to help a colony of beneficial insects establish, and what pesticides"if necessary" do the least damage to my beneficial insects.

    This is a real world application that I use every day to produce good crops.

    Source(s): I.P.M. Labs Locke N.Y. U.S., University of Ma Amherst, University of Conn. My own 12 years of active use of Bio control
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  • ERIC
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    9 years ago

    entomology = study of insects.

    Many insects are pests to various crops, and can do a lot of damage if not taken care of. Also there are plenty of beneficial insects. A classic example is bees are needed to pollinate many plants, including some crops, many fruits are included. Also there are insects that are beneficial by eating or becoming parasites on harmful insects.

    It's also good to know which insects are the prevalent ones over your crops and whether they are good or bad. For example if there are a lot of good insects, then using an insecticide would likely not be a good choice. Then again if it's basically all pest bugs, then get the sprayer out.

    Source(s): These examples should get the ball rolling for you. good luck!
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