Womens Snowboard BOA Boots in a 10.5?

Ok so my girlfriend has very long narrow feet. She has tried

(Mens 10.5) Burton Motos - Since they are mens they do not fit her feet correctly and there is like 3 inches of heel lift.

(Womens 10) ThirtyTwo STW boa - They are too small/heel lift

(Womens 11) Vans Hi Standard - They were comfortable but there was heel lift and it was too hard for her to tighten since they were standard Laces. They never got tight enough and she had to crush her feet with her bindings or she would not be secure.

So I am looking for a BOA or Focus BOA in a womens 10.5 but cant find anything anywhere.

Before you suggest going to a shop and trying out boots we have been to every shop in every direction within a 45 min drive. Most shops do not even carry over a 9. Some carry 10 and none of them fit.

Can anyone link me to ANY Womens BOA 10.5 boots?

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    Have you looked into Salomon boots? I heard they have a pretty low profile and are better for narrow feet. the boot i usually hear mentioned is the F20 or F22 but they use a speed lacing system and not a BOA. Do you really need BOA? If you're having problems finding a good fit you might be wise to look at ALL boots and not just BOA boots.. that includes speed lacing, traditional laces, and whatever other technology is out there. I'm actually not a fan of BOA boots, I feel traditional laces are superior in all areas besides speed of entry. I went the BOA and speed lace route a couple seasons ago.. pressure points and i just didn't feel secure in them. after that season i went back to the traditional laces. I know BOA is cool and all but come on.. is 5 minutes of putting a boot on really that big of a difference, especially when you're sacrificing a good fit, which is probably the most important little aspect of a good day on the mountain.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I dont think you will be able to meet all of your requirement here, do you want a proper fit or BOAs, you may not be able to achieve both. Only a few brands make boots over size 10 for women, and those brands may not make a BOA version. Nike boots, although not BOA, tend to fit narrow. 32 and Vans are known for sizing a bit wider, while Burton usually fits narrower. Although I think (not 100% sure) that Vans is the only one that makes womens boots larger than a 10, and they do make BOAs but their boots are wider. My advise is to forget the BOA. Traditional laces may take a few moments longer, but they are more comfortable, easier to adjust the fit in specific areas, and laces are easier to replace than broken wire, plus theres absolutely nothing wrong with them. My advice is to look into a mens pair of Nikes, size 9.5 (which will equal an 11), and they may offer the best fit. Also make sure to try on the boots with a pair of supportive insoles (the ones that come in the boots are cheap), so bring along a good shoe insert, such as Superfeet. This will properly allign the foot inside the boot and hopefully provide a better fit. I think a proper fit for her, that is comfortable and supportive is much more important that getting BOA boots. FYI, Nike fits very true to size and they dont pack out too much, so dont size down a half size with them as you may with another brand. Also some experienced snowboard shops can help with alterations to a boot to create a better fit, whether its heat molding the liner or inserting foam or plastic pieces to hold down the heel. Make sure you get an experienced person (my advise is to avoid places like SportsAuthority, Big 5, or any place not located near a ski mountain.) Hope this helps.

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  • Chad
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    So here's a link to a bunch of size 10 women's boa boots.


    I don't know if that will work but if she got a 10 in say a Ride or K2 she could be okay. Remember that when fitting boots that they should be very tight all the way around including the toe because they will pack out. Many people buy the same size as their day to day shoes but that doesn't really work as we buy them a hair large for comforts sake, it probably won't hurt to step down a size especially with all that heel lift.

    If you find a boot that is really tight and she's not sure if it will work have here wear it around the house for 2 hours or so. When she has them on her feet that long they will heat mold to her and break in a little bit so she may be able to rock it.

    Also if you are looking for a easy lacing boot you may want to check out Burton and their Speed Zone system. Forum also has a version of speed zone.

    Source(s): 20 years riding, Snowboard sales
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