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Are the terrible blazes in Texas a result of all the hot air coming out of Austin?

Ricky Bobby has really been laying it on thick, he has said everything except "I am NOT a crook"

Sux to be a Texan this year, better luck next year.

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    The wildfires here in Texas are the result of La Nina that drifted our way from California (the granola state--you know, flakes, fruits, and nuts). I have to say, though, that if Rick Perry gets elected President, it won't be because the people of Texas love him. The only reason he is governor is because he was commissioner of agriculture and wormed his way into being lieutenant governor. He is a pompous a** who uses religiosity (fake religion) to further his causes, he is not really a member of the Republican Party, but of the Perry Party, and people here wish he would go away. he is trying to de-fund all of the retired state employees' pensions, he has ruined our schools, and he is underhanded and sneaky. His family grew up in the same farming community as my grandmother, and while his parents were decent people, Rick has always been full of himself. He has a huge chip on his shoulder because he grew up lower middle class on a farm. he didn't even play sports at A & M, but he was a cheerleader because he didn't want to mess up his looks. What does that tell you???

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    No. Some of the wildfires were started by people wanting attention. Some were started by lightening, and some they don't know what started them yet. None of it had to do with politics.

    What did have to do with politics is Obama having FEMA turn down Texas for disaster aid after hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed.

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    I'm not sure the hot climate of Texas originates in Austin. But, I'm not a meteorologist.

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    Without preaching - you get given what you can handle

    be it a child..contradictory weather or politics

    Those that live in that state will vote accordingly

    Source(s): they do!
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    If that was the case DC would have burned down years ago.

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    Probably since Austin is filled with brain dead liberals.

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    Yeah, I'm wondering where all the rain is that he prayed for while ash is falling from the sky. And I'm not even joking about the ash.

    @American Citizen: because you would never comment about another country's political system, right? Like France or Russia or Iran maybe? Never, never, never. Right. Guess you know where he is coming from.

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    maybe it's God's punishment?

    oh, wait, according to my pr person, I'm just kdding, lol

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    What does it say about a Canadian who posts questions about American politics on a American website every single day?

    Do you not have a girlfriend?

    A garden maybe?

    Seek help...

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