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The circuit breaker OUTSIDE my house keeps tripping!?

Well, I live in a trailer park and we have [aep box] ------ [box outside trailer] ------ [circuit breakers inside trailer] ------- [receptacles in house];

My problem seems to be increasingly getting worse over time but anytime there's load on the wiring, like something even as small as the dryer running now, the switch on the outside of the trailer gets tripped, bypassing complete the breakers on the inside of the house. I was told it's NEVER supposed to do that. When I go to flip the breaker back over outside, the whole box stinks like burning rubber! Someone please help!

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    That big ol' breaker is just wearing out. It happens.

    You're going to need a new one. The burning smell is the contacts overheating as they continue to oxidize and burn up, becoming increasingly incapable of carrying any kind of significant load.

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    The hard artwork does sound good, however the condenser wanting replaced after merely 5 years sounds awful. Has every physique ever wiped sparkling the condenser coils? there's a product you could purchase which you combine up and spray into the condenser coils; it foams up and forces out all the gunk that gets caught in there, improves the airflow during the coils. residing house Depot sells it in an aerosol can yet that is costly; attempt to locate the gallon jug which you combine with water. that is lots greater fee-effective and you have lots of juice so which you would be rather thorough. rapid attempt, and that is not one hundred% yet sturdy for a conventional assessment: carry your hand above the outdoor fan mutually as that is blowing. Does all the air experience like that is going directly up, or does any of it experience like that is being blown to the component? If there is any going to the component, then your coils are particularly blocked; if it sounds like each and every of the air is being flung to the component in a disc shape, they are thoroughly blocked. The cleansing technique is trouble-free. you turn off ability, do away with the appropriate of the AC unit, mixture up the cleanser in accordance to the innovations on the bottle and shoot it into the coils from the interior the unit - against the airflow. Use a backyard rigidity sprayer for this, no longer a rigidity washing device such as you will possibly use for laundry a vehicle or the driveway. The coils won't take that form of abuse. merely shoot the juice in there and permit it foam up. Shoot greater. Shoot greater. Shoot greater. shop foaming them until the froth is coming from the two aspects of the coil, interior and out of doorways. this might dislodge a great form of gunk. Rinse gently with the backyard hose. Reassemble. fix ability to the unit. See if it journeys the breaker lower back. If no longer the rest, that is going to artwork greater effective than it did earlier.

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    Shut off the main breaker, remove the black wire on the breaker that keeps tripping and pull out the breaker for that circuit. Replace new breaker switch and reattach the black wire. Before you turn on the circuit, go outside and remove the outlet and clean inside the junction box and the outlet. Replace the outlet and turn on the main breaker and the circuit breaker. If that does not fix the problem, call a professional..

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    Elhigh nailed it. Breakers do wear out. Whomever told you it is never supposed to do that is a moron.

    The owner of the box is responsible for it. Bottom Line. It ain't gonna be cheap. Its easy to do if one knows what they are doing.

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